Samrat Perfumers

Natural Attars

Attar is the name given to the essential oils processed from the extracts of flowers herbs, wood, etc. The Natural Attars offered by us are capable of invoking deep feelings for joy, excitement and serenity within the user. In the art of perfumery, sandalwood oil is used as a ‘base’ or ‘fixative’. It binds with the molecules of the fragrance oils and allows their subtleties to develop and lost longer than if the flower oil was worn by itself. We are also positioned at the top in the list of the most top-notch Rose Attar Manufacturers and Non Alcoholic Attars Suppliers in India.

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Attar Hina

We are counted as one of the well reputed Natural Hina Attar Manufacturers and suppliers in India. Attar Hina is a blend of perfumes produced from ingredients containing Essential Oil and herbs for health. This Hina Perfume is widely used in the cold weather due to its long lasting mystic aroma.


Mehndi Attar

Our company is enlisted as one of the most famed Mehndi Essential Oil Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. Gul Henna Attar (lawsonia Inermis) is prepared from the flowers of Indian origin, by steam/hydro distilled method. Mehndi Attar is liked for its sweet scent and essence, for which it is said to be the flower of


Mitti Attar

We are listed amidst the most preeminent Mitti Perfume Manufacturers and suppliers in India. The Mitti Attar offered by us is prepared from the baked earth of river ganges. The Natural Mitti Attar is soft, mellow, nurturing and soothing. This attar can be used alone as well as in blends with other attars. Its aroma is


Motia Attar

Motia Attar is a delicate top note of the night blooming jasmine in sandalwood oil base. One of the most exotic scents, Natural Motia Attar is softer yet deeper than jasmine. Motia Essential Oil is considered to be connected with the aroma of deep forests of lower Himalaya. This attar is highly effective in assisting


Non Alcoholic Attars

We are listed at the apex in the list of the most reliable Natural Non Alcoholic Perfume Suppliers in India. Non Alcoholic Attars are derived from the natural flowers, leaves, and roots etc. The variety of Non Alcoholic Perfume is manufactured under high quality control and is 100% free from any kind of alcohol. The


Rose Attar

Noorjahan the wife of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir is famous for having invented the attar of Roses that is commonly known as Rose Attar. Using the same traditional method, we have introduced Rose Essential Oil that are prepared from fresh flowers and are suitable for all climates and occasions. We are also renowned as one


Ruh Khas Attar

We offer the most immaculate Ruh Khas Attar that is used a raw material for the distillation of various refreshing perfumes. Ruh Khas Perfume is processed from Khas the fragrant weed that is used for making curtain liable to keep out the hot wind in the summer. Moreover, nearly all the finest perfumes contain trace of